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Dead Wood Nigerian Dwarf Goats

The Perfect Farm Animals to raise on your ranch.....
Small ~ Colorful ~ Show ~ Pets ~ Milk Producers

Nigerian dwarf goats are the versatile goat - easy to care for with sizes ranging 17" to 23"
and small enough for taking to show or as a pet.

Nigerian Dwarfs are miniature goats classified as a dairy goat giving a large quantity of milk for their size. They can produce from one to 8 pounds of milk per day usually averaging 2 pounds. They are the ideal milk goats with a higher butterfat content than milk from full-sized dairy goats. This makes Nigerian Dwarf goat milk excellent for making cheese or the highly desired soap.

Nigerian Dwarf goats are friendly, gentle and easily trainable (whether walking on a leash or bringing into the house) making them highly desirable as pets. They are also a great therapy animal for nursing homes and hospitals (especially wethers) and can be trained to harnesses or even to pull a small wagon.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has also approved the Nigerian Dwarf Goat as a livestock dairy goat,
which makes them eligible for youth 4H and FFA projects.

Dead Wood Nigerian Dwarf Goats is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas! Contact us to see what is available or to visit.

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